Best Place to Buy a Kayak: Cabela’s, Walmart, Amazon and more

Kayaking is a very popular activity among the outdoor enthusiasts who love to stay near the water and enjoy scenic views. Plus kayaking is easy to learn but it still offers plenty of physical exercise and lots of adventures. If you regularly go kayaking you had better purchase your own boat. It is not hard, even for a beginner. First of all, you need to decide how you’re going to use your kayak, figure out how much money you are willing to spend and find the store that offers the kayak you need at the price you love.

Figuring out the Best Places to Buy A Kayak

If you are looking for the best store to buy your first kayak these are the things to consider:
Quality: Choose the store that offers kayaks of the highest quality. Some online retailers may sell “factory seconds” at cheaper prices. Make sure you carefully read the description of the product to avoid such products and not get a defective item.
Selection: Now the market offers a great variety of kayaks, but not all retailers may feature all types of products. So if you are searching for a specific type of kayak make sure you verify whether the retailer of your choice features what you need. Such stores as Cabelas and Amazon are known to offer the best selection.
Price: As a rule the price of the kayak depends on its quality and type. The leading national retailers Cabela’s and REI offer a great assortment of brand new kayaks. Also there are factory seconds that cost much less, but the chances are you will end up paying more for it if you have to fix them often. Factory seconds are less durable and will require additional maintenance costs.
The most affordable are inflatable kayaks that cost from $200 for basic models up to $1,800 if you want to use it in whitewater or/and to fish. The price of plastic kayaks ranges from $500 to $2,000. The most expensive are fiberglass kayaks ($1,000 – $3,000) as they ensure the highest durability and quality.
Return Policy: Since kayaks are big-tickets items, their shipping cost can be high. So make sure you check the store’s return policy, especially if you buy online. Typically stores offer 30-day return policies, but some stores can even offer more than just a month. For example, Walmart and Cabela’s offer 90-day return policies, which is considerably better than what other retailers offer. Also it is important to find out whether the retailer allows the customers to return online purchases in store.


Cabela’s is premier national retailer specializing in offering brand name sporting goods for sale. What distinguishes Cabela’s among the competition is the top notch customer service, great selection of products and unmatched 90-day return policy. Visiting their physical location is an attraction and adventure in itself, plus the retailer has an online store for those who prefer to shop online. The company is very large and usually has a great variety of kayaks available, however their assortment of whitewater kayaks is rather limited. What customers really like about Cabela’s is their steep discounts on a variety of products storewide. This makes Cabela’s a number one store to check when searching for great deals and thoughtful gifts for the outdoor enthusiast on your list. For even more discounts, coupons can be used, to see updated list of all offers visit this website.


REI is the oldest sporting goods retailer in the country and one of the most trusted as well. Since 1938, the company has outfitted several generations of outdoor enthusiasts. From quality and reliable gear to clothing, footwear and more the range of products offered is really amazing. Also the store has the best return policy that allows their customers to return the products within a year! REI offers a large selection of products from top brands both in store and online. Those customers who order kayaks online can also have free in-store pickup, plus the retailer offers free shipping if you spend $49.99 or more. But it should be noted that customers pay $35 oversized delivery. REI’s customer service is really awesome. Should the customers have any questions they can get help through online chat, email, or phone lines.


Amazon is a very good source to buy a kayak. Here you will find a huge assortment of kayaks ranging from recreational to whitewater options at affordable prices. Customers with Amazon Prime will enjoy free shipping on kayaks, but the return shipping is not free. When it comes to returns be prepared to wait up to 25 days to get them processed. Amazon offers a 30-day return policy.


Do you know that Walmart also offers a nice selection of kayaks? They are available not only online but also in stores. However, the selection can be limited and you will hardly find specialized kayaks there. It should be noted that Walmart also features kayaks provided by third-party sellers that offer factory seconds. At the same time Walmart offers a great 90 day return policy, free shipping to and pick up from a Walmart store.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

At Dick’s Sporting Goods you can find plenty of basic kayaks for recreational and fishing purposes, but very few specialized models, such as whitewater or touring kayaks. The retailer offers product in store and online and has a 60-day return policy. Even thought their prices are a little bit higher and the shipping adds to the cost, they do offer a price match.